College Portfolio Websites will build you a site that maximizes your web presence with best practices in search engine optimization and a user friendly and professional layout.

Why Does A College Student Need A Portfolio Website?

Job recruitment has changed dramatically in the last few years. College Students aren’t only being judged by their transcripts but also by their ability to self promote their accomplishments. In the recent past a graduate could add any awards, honors or degrees they wanted to a resume and it would be taken at face value. Because the battle for good jobs has evolved from hand to hand combat to all out nuclear war, Hiring Managers no longer rely on a candidates word but require verifiable proof and samples of completed work.

A College Student online portfolio is becoming the way that Hiring Managers review a College Student or Graduates skills and accomplishments. If you want to land that top job at Google or Facebook or get a job on Wall Street than you should have time stamped posts with brightly lit photos online that can back up the information on your resume. This approach makes interviewing a breeze as you refer inquiries to specific posts on your site.

Manage your Web Presence.

The first thing a Hiring Manager is going to do when they receive your resume is run a search of your name. If you don’t have a dedicated domain website then the odds are they will get links to your Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc. accounts. Even if you’ve been careful not to post incriminating photos or text online can you be sure someone hasn’t posted an embarrassing comment about you on a social media site? The sooner you establish a “your” website and start regularly posting fresh content the greater the guarantee that your best work will be the #1 link on any search engine. Search Engine Optimization will guarantee you have control of your web presence.

What Do I Get With A College Portfolio Websites Account?

  • A well designed website built by a web professional to your specifications.
  • During the building of your site, College Portfolio Websites will populate it with any content you currently possess.
  • A WordPress Admin interface that has been customized for College Students with several distinct posting pages and an unlimited number of static pages.
  • Lifetime Free Tech Support.
  • We will purchase a domain of your choosing.
  • We will host your site for free.

All this is available for a onetime cost of $295.

We are happy to provide quotes for additional services and can create custom theme designs for any application. Feel free to contact us with your requests.